Billioinaire Bodyguard Series by Kristi Avalon

  • Billionaire Bodyguard - #1

    He'll protect her at all costs...

    Allison Dupree knows she shouldn't mix business with pleasure, especially when she's running from her past. Even after a one-night-stand with her sexy boss, she resists his attempts to further their personal and business relationship.

    Billionaire CEO Logan Stone is used to getting what he wants - and he wants the future with Allison that she keeps denying him. When Allison reveals she's pregnant with his child, and a dangerous threat targets her and the baby, Logan discovers just how far he's willing to go to protect the future and family he can't live without.

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  • The Billionaire's Possession - #2

    Sometimes, danger and desire go hand in hand...

    Devon Leigh has always put her career before her love life. She had been left at the altar by her ex-fiancé and she never forgot that betrayal. A new job opportunity offers her a chance to take her profession to the next level, but everything changes when her tall, dark and gorgeous new boss challenges her to rethink that plan.

    After his father was murdered, bounty hunter Trey Soren led his family away from street brutality to the safety of Corporate America. Now the billionaire CEO has his sights set on his smart, sexy IT Director. When a diabolical hacker infiltrates his business and threatens Devon's safety, he'll stop at nothing to save his company and defend her life.

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  • Bedded by Her Bodyguard - #2.5

    He'll keep her his bed.

    An exotic trip to Russia offers Mindy Sanders a chance to prove her value to her company as a public relations expert. Even more exciting than the international opportunity is her travel companion, Director of Sales Isaac Atlas. Russian-born and exotic himself, Isaac's sexy confidence and bedroom eyes have enchanted her from afar. She hopes during this journey she'll get to know him-intimately.

    Isaac will compromise nothing to make his first international sale. But when Mindy's room is ransacked and her life is threatened, he goes from ruthless salesman to relentless bodyguard. The line blurs between protection and passion as he's forced into intimate contact with the one woman he's always known could make him forget the bottom line. Torn between making the sale or making love to her, he learns the ultimate possession may require the ultimate price.

  • The Billionaire's Prize: Taken & Tempted - #3

    Sometimes, temptation is the most dangerous threat...

    The daughter of an unsolved murder victim, Kylie Graham is fascinated with cold case files. During her law firm internship, Kylie approaches Cade Soren about his father's death, believing it to be a murder. Though dismissed by the playboy, that doesn't stop Kylie from being both intensely attracted to him and pursuing the trail of his father's killer.

    Cade Soren doesn't want to dredge up the past. But he has no choice except to face the truth when another murder occurs and he suspects the naive but beautiful Kylie is in danger. Determined to protect her, Cade hides Kylie on his private yacht where their passion overrides fear. But with the past still haunting them both and a murderer still on the loose, Kylie and Cade must face the truth together or risk losing their love and their lives.

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  • The Bodyguard's Baby - #4

    One precious bundle changes everything...

    Used to guarding tycoons and government officials, former Navy SEAL Slone Rowan assumes playing live-in bodyguard to a second grade teacher will be easy. But Lindsey Graham becomes a temptation he never expected. Every day with her weakens his resolve to stay detached so she doesn't discover the guilt he carries with him from his dark past.

    Still on edge after a traumatic kidnapping, Lindsey's lifelong dream comes into sharp focus - to have a baby of her own. However, doctors warn a childhood illness impacts her chances of conceiving. While exploring fertility treatments, she realizes her most alluring option is only a bedroom away...

    Can Slone's desire for Lindsey and the promise of the family he's denied himself breach his defenses and heal his battle-scarred heart?

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  • Bidding on the Bodyguard - #4.5

    When former marine Shane Duncan participates in the bachelor auction, he offers the winning bidder a weekend of boot camp and self-defense training. He doesn’t expect to fall for the woman who bid on him. Now he wants more than one weekend with her. Is she willing to see where this goes – or will distance keep them apart?

    After the auctioneer announced Bachelor Number Seven’s weekend date, Emma Stallings knows she has to win him. Two months ago she was mugged, and she’s ready to learn skills to protect herself and take charge of her life, though she’s not ready for love. As she gets to know the sexy bodyguard, she guards her heart. She promised herself to never make the mistake of falling too fast for a man. But Shane seems to have no intention of slowing things down. Will her reluctance to take the ultimate chance end their bid on love before it’s begun?

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  • The Billionaire's Dare - #5

    Her safety is a challenge he can’t help but accept…

    Even in the corporate world, motorcycle-riding bad boy Adam Soren plays by his own rules. Then a dare lands him on the doorstep of a beautiful, shy schoolteacher. Though she's teaching him to overcome his dyslexia, he plans to do some tutoring of his own—in her bedroom.

    Marissa Denning lives with a carefully guarded secret—she is in witness protection for testifying against a criminal biker gang. Forced to return to her hometown, she contacts Soren Security Bodyguards for protection. She never expects Adam to fill the role himself, because he lives the reckless lifestyle she gladly left behind.

    When their intense attraction ignites in the face of danger, will they dare to risk it all for love?

  • The Billionaire's Seduction - #6 (Coming Soon)

    She’ll give him one night...One night is all he needs.

    Sophia Melano is about to achieve a lifelong dream of starting her own accounting firm. But when she gives notice at the Las Vegas casino where she works, her boss suspects her of stealing the five million dollars that has suddenly disappeared. The accusation puts her reputation, her career, and her dreams into question. To clear her name, she must rely on a sexy billionaire who has more than just her credibility on his mind.

    From the moment billionaire Liam Soren meets Sophia, he’s confident she has nothing to do with the heist, yet he’s the only one who believes her. He also wants to do more than prove her innocence. He wants to keep her in his bed—and the better he gets to know this remarkable woman he realizes he wants to keep her in his life, too. That can’t happen until the two of them and his team track down the man who destroyed her trust, because he is the only one who can clear her name. The problem is, the clever con artist doesn’t want to be found.

    As Liam and Sophia fight to prove her innocence, Liam discovers a shadowy figure is hunting them. A threat that could jeopardize their search for the truth—and the future he wants with the woman who’s stolen his heart, the woman he’s ready to defend with his life.